Name Version/Value
CentOS 5,8 64-bit standard
CloudLinux 5,8 64-bit standard
Apache 2.2.22
cPanel or cpsrvd (cPanel Service Daemon) 11.32.4 (build 15)
PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6
MySQL version (server) 5.1.59-rel13.0-log
MySQL client 5.1.60
Toad for MySQL supported
IonCube Loader 4.4.1
PDO_MySQL 5.1.66
Python 2.4.3
PEAR 1.9.4
Perl 5.8.8
PHP safe way supported
Mcrypt 2.5.8
Zend optimizer v3.3.9
Zend Guard Loader supported
Zend Engine 2.2.0
Ruby 1.8.7
Zlib 1.2.3
CURL 7.24.0
CURL Library Functions -
SSI supported
Php memory_limit 256M
inode limits 100.000 by account
mod_mine.c supported
$ supported
MYSQL: MyISAM supported
InnoDB supported
formmail.cgi supported
SSH supported
CloudLinux 5,8 64-bit standard
mod_rewrite/URL rewrite supported
Dedicated IP Only plans company
Stored procedures MySQL supported
CloudFlare supported
Fantastic De Luxe supported
Softaculous supported
Ruby On Rails supported
WGET supported
SFTP supported
FTPES supported
FTP supported
AWStat 7.0 (build 1.971)
Javascript (only in HTML) supported
Java (.jsp) Not supported
No. of Files 100.000
MySQL query execution it cannot be < 15 minutes.
CRON intervals < 21 ESAs.
Use as servant of endorsement, IRC, P2P or File Sharing, Torrents Not supported
BIND DNS Server 9.3.6-P1
postgreSql Not supported
Django Python framework Not supported
Soap modulates supported
json 1.2.1
FTP cases out listing 10000
max_allowed_packet size 64 Megabyte
Json_decode -