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Characteristics of our certificates SSL

Greater security

Our certificates SSL use coding of 128 up to 256 bits of form so to offer greater security to the information of their visitors.

Better ranking in goolge

Google prefers the sites assured with SSL/HTTPS, reason why to adquir his, will help him to position of better way its webpage in the results search.

Compatibilidad major

Our certificates SSL are compatible with all the modern navigators. Safe in old navigators, its certificate will work of fast and safe way.

What is SSL?

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, a encryption technology that was created originally by Netscape in the Nineties.

SSL creates a connection based between its Web server and the navigating Web of its visitors, allowing who the private information is transmitted without the problems of interception, data manipulation and falsification of messages.

In order to qualify SSL in a website, it will need to obtain a Certificate SSL that identifies it and it installs it in his Web server.

When a navigating Web uses a certificate SSL normally shows a padlock icon but also it can show a green bar of directions.

Once it has installed a certificate SSL, it can accede surely to a site changing the HTTP URL https:

If SSL unfolds correctly, the information transmitted between the navigating Web and the Web server (or information of contact or credit card) number and is only seen in the propietary organization of the website.

Million companies in line use certificates SSL to protect their websites and to allow their clients to trust them.

In order to use protocol SSL, a Web server it requires the use of a certificate SSL. Certificates SSL are provided by the Certificate Authorities (CAs).

Frequent questions

SSL helps to avoid that the intrusivas attackers or companies, as the ISP, manipulate the data sent between their websites and the navigators of their users. It is fundamental to protect the confidential information, as the numbers of a credit card, but also it protects his site of malware and prevents that others inject announcements in their resources.
When it prepares his Web server to use SSL, some questions will be done to him on their website and its company, including the name of domain of their website and the name and the location of their company. His Web server creates then two cryptographic keys: a private key and one nail public. Its private key must remain private or connection SSL could be vulnerable. The public key does not need to be secret and it is placed in a request of signature of certificate or CSR, a based text that will be put under a certificate authority. The certificate authority will validate her data and will issue the certificate SSL that can install in the Web server with the deprived key to qualify SSL.
The majority of certificates of servant SSL will only assure an only domain or subdomain. For example, a certificate could assure www.sudominio.com or mail.sudominio.com, but not both. The certificate will continue working in a name of different domain, but the navigating Web will give an error him whenever it sees that the direction in the bar of directions does not agree with the domain name (denominated common name) in the certificate. If it needs to protect several subdomains in an only name of domain, it can buy a certificate joker. For a certificate joker, a common name of * .sudominios.com would protect www.sudominios.com, mail.sudominios.com, seguro.sudominios.com, etc.
A certificate Wildcard can assure a limitless number of subdomains of first level in an only name of domain. For example, it can obtain a certificate Wildcard with *.sudominio.com as common name. This certificate would assure www.sudominio.com, mail.sudominio.com, secure.sudominio.com, loquesea.sudominio.com, etc. In other words, will work in any subdomain that replaces the DOS wild card (*).
The guarantee that you obtain when buying a certificate SSL (basic or full) can be deceptive. It is not a guarantee for the buyer, but rather for the end users who use a site protected by a certificate SSL. Basically, if you, the buyer, turn out to be fraudulent and the user of his website loses money because the certificate authority did not validate it correctly, then the certificate authority will compensate the end user. This never practically happens! Therefore, he is not very important how great is the guarantee when it buys a certificate SSL. Some certificate authorities slightly have different policies on the guarantees that you can wish to examine.

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